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Arron Moos

I personally believe that everyone's story is important and everyone's journey is different. I try to walk into conversations with the chance of taking something out of it. 

I have a strong passion for visual content and photography and aim to foster my ability to create stimulating, impactful and effective content for years to come.

My role in the making of Fluent revolves around the conceptualisation and development of multimedia content and the design of this online publication


Jessie Leverzencie

Meraki means ´to do something full of soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.´

I aim to live my life laced in glorious meraki with whatever I do. I am a lover of all things creative, artistic and innovative and believe that all we do is a reflection of who we are. 

My role in the making of Fluent revolves around researching and conducting interviews, as well as the writing of content.


Maxine February

Describing myself as a visionary; I am all about photography and focused on transforming special moments into everlasting memories. But, I have a deeper passion for creating content with a meaning as well as bringing awareness to important issues and using my love for photography and videography to do so.

My role in the making of Fluent revolves around creating and therefore serve as a director and editor.


Zhea Jordaan

I'm a wide-eyed individual with an intense love and passion for the media spectrum, as well as creating content.

I place a lot of emphasis on authenticity and therefore exude a lot of who I am into my work. 

And, I use this space to share my inward journey of discovery through words and visual media.

My role in the making of Fluent involves investigating and reporting on my findings.

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